Summer Learning

Summer Learning 2021


Our 2021 Summer Learning course offerings 

Check back at the end of April for details on how to register!



New Westminster Summer Learning is open to both youth and adults.

Classes run from July 5th to August 6th (with the exception of Literacy and Numeracy Foundations classes, and Math 9 (refresher & prep focus) class, which are only three weeks long).

As of now, courses will be offered as a mix of remote learning and in-class instruction.


Summer Learning 2021 Feature:

  • Foundations of Numeracy and Literacy

Is your grade 7-9 child struggling with the core concepts in math or English? Check out the Foundations of Numeracy and Literacy info sheet to learn about how these classes could help set them for greater success.

  •  Math 9 (Refresher/Prep Focus)

 This course is intended for students who have already finished a mathematics 9 course  and who may need extra skill building to increase their chances of success in Foundations of Math and Pre-calculus 10. As an intensive three week course it is highly focused on those aspects of the grade 9 curriculum that are most vital to Foundations and Pre-calculus 10. As such it is not open to students who have not yet taken grade 9 mathematics. A counsellor’s recommendation is an essential for entry into this course, but parents and students should be aware that as a broad guideline a student who took mathematics 9 and got less than 40% or more than 70% should explore other options. 

  • Are you an adult looking for English Language Learning classes?  Click here.


*Please check back at the end of April for details on how to register!

For the safety and convenience of our students and parents, this year Summer Learning registrations will be processed online. 

Important Registration Information:

  • This registration is for morning or afternoon classes only.   If you are looking for an evening class, we will have evening classes available through our Pearson Adult Learning Centre in the new school year (September).

Course Fees and Refunds

See our Course Fees and Refunds information.


Attending Summer Learning classes is mandatory and is crucial for student success. Students are expected to arrive on time every day, and be prepared to work and participate fully in class. Given the rapid and condensed pace of Summer Learning, extended absences for any reason are not accommodated. These include, but are not limited to: work, vacations, sporting events, games/practices, or family commitments. Students missing 2 days may be withdrawn.


One of our friendly secretaries would be happy to help!

Please call (604) 517-6286 or email us at

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