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November 29, 2019

UPDATE: November 2019 Food Drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society…WE SUCCEEDED AGAIN!!

Our very generous students have again far exceeded our goal of 12 boxes of food donations for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

This year they managed to fill 20 overflowing boxes of donations!

We received the following email from The Greater Vancouver Food Bank:

Thank you for hosting a food drive at Pearson Adult Learning Centre! I’m happy to report that you have raised 503 pounds of food for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank! We really appreciate your on-going support to helping us build strong, connected communities through the power of food. Your donation will make a great difference for the 8,000+ clients who visit our 13 Community Food Hubs weekly, and 75 Community Agency Partners including after school programs, homeless shelters, and neighborhood houses.

Way to go, PALC students!  Thank you for your generosity and kindness.