Our science 11 and 12 courses are available in classroom courses that meet twice a week and finish in one semester. For the Adult Graduation program, only the grade 12 level of the science course counts as one of the 5 credit-level courses for graduation. Note that Anatomy and Physiology 12 does not have a prerequisite science course, but a student should have completed a grade 11 or 12 English course before attempting it.

For Science courses, see below.

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Anatomy and Physiology 12 (Formerly Biology 12)

Would you like to learn about how your body functions? After a first introduction to basic biochemistry and cell biology, the focus is on human biological systems and processes: the digestive, circulatory, excretory, respiratory, nervous, and reproductive systems and how they work together. This course allows students to develop an interest in science by looking at themselves and seeing how the diverse body systems are integrated to maintain balance. It may be used as a credit towards an Adult Graduation certificate, and is also often required of students who are entering post-secondary programs in the healthcare field.

Physics 11 (currently not offering this course)

This is a basic introduction to physics beyond the grade 10 science level. Topics will include: vector and scalar quantities; horizontal uniform and accelerated motion; projectile motion; contact forces and the factors that affect magnitude and direction; mass, force of gravity, and apparent weight; Newton’s laws of motion and free-body diagrams; balanced and unbalanced forces in systems; conservation of energy; principle of work and energy; power and efficiency; simple machines and mechanical advantage; applications of simple machines by First Peoples; electric circuits (DC), Ohm’s law, and Kirchhoff’s laws; thermal equilibrium and specific heat capacity; generation and propagation of waves; properties and behaviours of waves; characteristics of sound; resonance and frequency of sound, and graphical methods in physics. A student entering this course should have had a good mark in Foundations and Precalculus Math 10 (Literacy Foundations Mathematics 7 for adults), and full command of English at the English 10 level (Literacy Foundations English 7 for adults). This course counts towards a youth graduation. For adults it is not a credit towards graduation, but is a requirement for Physics 12, which does count towards an adult graduation.